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Dr William Bowen Davies

Dr Bowen Davies was active in many aspects of local affairs, including the setting up of the Cottage Hospital of which he was medical director - a post for which he received no remuneration. He was involved in the church, local government and education in the town, as well as being a magistrate. He even helped to form the town's golf club and was its first President.

According to the census, in 1891 he was living at Brynarlais with his wife Jessie whom he had married in 1879, four of his six children, and the family's servants:

1891 Census
Brynarlais, Llandrindod Wells
Name Position in
Age Occupation Place of Birth English/Welsh
William B Davies Head M 43 Physician Registered Carmarthen Llandovery English
Jessie C Bowen Davies Wife M 33   Essex Braintree - do -
Dora C Bowen Davies Dau S 10 Scholar Radnorshire Llandrindod - do -
Gwladys Bowen Davies Dau S 9 -do- - do - - do -
Elystan Bowen Davies Son S 7   - do - - do -
Gerwyn H Bowen Davies Son S 5   - do - - do -
Essylt Bowen Davies Dau S 5 mon   - do - - do -
Matilda Griffiths Serv S 29 Nurse Domestic Radnorshire, Evanjobb - do -
Minnie E Griffiths Serv S 26 Housemaid Radnorshire, Harpmoor - do -
Catherine Davies Serv S 38 Cook Herefordshire Abbydore - do -
Thomas J Weale Serv S 15 Page Radnorshire, Llandrindod - do -

He was forced to retire due to heart problems a few years before his death in 1908.

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