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Lewis Lloyd Collection: Recipes - Soups

Carrot Soup
Carrot Soup
Carrot Soup
Powys County Archives

Carrot Soup

Put some beef bones with four quarts of the liquor a leg of mutton has been boiled in two onions, a turnip, pepper and salt, into a saucepan and stew for three hours. Have ready six large carrots scraped and cut thin, strain the soup upon them, and stew them till they are soft enough to pulp thro' a hair sieve or coarse cloth. Then boil the pulp with the soup which is to be as thick as peas soup. Use two wooden spoons to rub the carrots thro' the sieve. Make the soup the day before it is used add cyan. Pulp only the red part of the carrot, not any of the yellow.

Mock Turtle SoupMock Turtle Soup
Mock Turtle Soup
Mock Turtle Soup
Powys County Archives

Mock Turtle Soup

Take twelve pounds of gravy beef, put it in stew pan with six quarts of water, a few turnips, carrots, leeks, and onions, a small bundle of thyme and parsley a few cloves three or four blades of Mace and some white pepper corns, great care must be taken to scum it well just before it boils, when it does boil put a little cold water into it and a little salt, and keep scumming it as the scum arises, let it boil gently about three hours; take eight or ten pounds of a leg of veal, put it into a clean stewpan, with two pounds of the lean part of a nice Ham a small quantity of the spices and vegetables, as above put about half a pint of the beef gravy into it and let it draw down between three and four hours. Take a fine calf's head, scald the hair off, split it and wash it very clean in warm water, put it into the beef gravy till it is nearly done, then take it up and set it by to cool, before you cut it. When cold cut the skin off in pieces about two inches square and the meat in the same manner, strain the beef gravy off and put it to the veal, and simmer it for two hours more, then strain it off and set it by to cool, the quantity of stock ought to be about three quarts, when quite cool take off all the fat, next day when you are going to use it, put the gravy and meat together into a clean stewpan and let it simmer gently till the meat is quite tender so that you can cut it with a spoon, then strain it off. Take half a pound of fresh butter put it into a clean saucepan let it melt, then stir in half a pound of flour keep stirring it with a wooden spoon. While it is boiling which should be ten minutes pour the gravy into it and keep stirring well till it boils, if it is not thick enough put a little more flour and butter, or if it should be too thick a little more gravy, it ought to be of the thickness of nice melted butter. Boil a dozen eggs quite hard, take out the yolks and put them in a mortar pound them very fine, take a little thyme and parsley chopped very small a little salt pepper, and cayenne, mix them together put the yolks of two and the white of one [?] egg, mix it all well together and make them up with a little flour on your hand into balls the size of a small nutmeg get a slice or two of veal, scrape it first then ground it well in a mortar, put herbs and spice the same as you put to the egg and make it into balls the same size as the others, have ready a stewpan of boiling water, throw them in and let them boil five minutes, take them up and put them into the soup. Take a bottle of Madeira boil it down to half a pint with a bit of lean Ham, a green onion, and a bit of thyme and parsley. Add it all together and boil it half an hour, just as you send it to table put in the juice of a lemon strained, and cayenne to your taste.
Mrs Sarah Lloydd saw this done at Castlon Down

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