Diwylliant ac Adloniant

Mme. Patti: Adami y Cogydd

Cafodd y ffotograff hwn o Adamo Adami a'i deulu ei dynnu gan Roberts o Abertawe. Mae'r ysgrifen ar y cefn yn dweud mai ef oedd y cogydd yng Nghraig-y-Nos, a bod ei wraig yn chwaer i Hannah Davies, oedd yn briod ag un o'r garddwyr.

Mae cyfrifiad 1891 yn dangos bod Adami yn preswylio yno fel cogydd, er bod hyn cyn ei briodas:

1901 Census
Craig-y-Nos Castle
Name Position in
Age Occupation Place of Birth English/Welsh
Adam Adami Serv S 32 chef Italy (Italian Subject) English
Adamo Adami
Adamo Adami a'r teulu
Amgueddfa ac Oriel Gelf Brycheiniog

Bu farw Adami yn eithaf ifanc gan adael gwasanaeth Madam Patti, ond roedd yn wr uchel iawn ei barch, fel a ddangosir yn ei ysgrif goffa mewn papur newydd o Abertawe.
Adami's obituary
Ysgrif goffa Adamo Adami
Amgueddfa ac
Oriel Gelf Brycheiniog

Mr Adamo Adami, of the Neuadd Arms Hotel, Llanwrtyd Wells, who, at the early age of 43, has just passed away from the effects of double pneumonia, was a king of chefs. It ran in the blood. His grandfather, and his father (of the Hotel Alpino, Stresa, Lago Maggiore, Italy, who survives him), were noted chefs. There are a large family of brothers, who are also chefs. The eldest brother has for many years been chef at St. Andrew's Hotel, Buxton; another is chef at the National Liberal Club, London.

Adamo Adami
Adami, mewn mwy o
fanylder o ffotograff mwy o staff Craig-y-Nos, tua 1893
Amgueddfa ac Oriel Gelf Brycheiniog

Mr Adami was well known in various circles in Italy, France and Germany. Formerly chef at the Casino in Nice, he afterwards went to the Sackfield Hotel, Dublin. Here Madame Patti once dined, and was so delighted with the soup that she called the chef and said to him,

"Whenever you want a change, come to Craig-y-Nos."

That was the prelude to nine years at Craig-y-Nos, where Mr Adami had full scope for his inventiveness in the matter of ?tasty dishes, which delighted the palates of the prima donna and Signor Nicolini.

In Swansea Mr Adami had many friends, including Messrs. G. J. Isaac (solicitor), S J Powell (manager Palace Theatre), Prof. W F Hulley (musical director Grand Theatre), F Dowman (Marine Hotel, Mumbles), and George Bowen (Aberavon). Old members of the Swansea police force will also recall with pleasure deceased's genial presence at their annual outings. A thorough "sport," Mr. Adami was an adept with the gun and rod, and at various athletics.

Mr Adami, who leaves a widow and three children (the youngest only two months old), is to be buried at Colbren, near Craig-y-Nos, the scene of his finest culinary exploits, and in a district where he will be long and lovingly remembered.

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