Victorian schoolchildren
Nursery 2002

The log books kept by headteachers at schools in 1891 are a fascinating and often personal insight into the daily life of a Victorian School. How do the experiences of a Victorian headmistress at Abbeycwmhir compare to those of headteachers in modern Powys village schools? What was being taught then and now? Log book entries from Buttington school in 1891 can be compared to diary entries from 2002. Some problems remain the same - lack of resources, the struggle to maintain standards under pressure from school inspections, and for some children the long trek to school. Others have largely disappeared - low attendances due to illness, or children being required to help out at home, or having no boots to wear. Other new problems have taken their place - increased bureaucracy and police checks on staff.

But schools also have a happy side, in 1891 as they have today with treats being given. Many school teachers in 2002 sent in diaries describing their day, as did many of the other staff and helpers who are involved in the daily life of a modern school.

And what of independent schools? What are the students at Christ College Brecon like compared to their Victorian counterparts?

Many people in 2002 also spoke of their education in adulthood - how does this compare to 1891?

Many children of different ages sent in diaries to describe, and often illustrate their day on September 24th 2002, giving an insight into their daily lives.